Welcome to
the C-U Pet Sitting Service
Web Site
Babe was my beloved black lab for nearly 15
years; she's been gone for a decade now, but
lives on in my heart forever.
KitKat, one of my first kitty siblings,  
would have preferred that I stay home
with her more... but then, wouldn't YOUR
pets, too?
Thank you for coming here to get information on what C-U Pet Sitting Service
(CUPSS) can do for you and your pet(s).  If you have specific questions after you've
explored this information, feel free to email me at
janusw@yahoo.com and I will
reply within 24 hours.  Since I run this business alone and do every pet sit myself, it is
often after midnight when I get home... but I can answer email questions in the wee
hours of the morning, when I can NOT return phone calls.  Web sites and email make
it possible for me to "do it all."
Janus Woods, Owner and Operator
                                                             C-U Pet Sitting Service (CUPSS)
Information Clients Need:
click bold underlined words (or @ symbol) to download document being described

~ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and my answers thereto (skip this if you've
already received it as part of my initial email response);

~ my current
Rates Chart, where you can find the rate that applies to the type and  
number of pets you need care for, how many visits per day you would like me to spend
with them, and how far in advance you are planning to book the reservation;

~ my
Brochure, a rather long narrative about who I am, where I've worked, and why
I'm now a professional, full-time pet sitter;

~ the 2-page
Client Information Form that you will need to download and fill out
to give me during our free in-home intial visit;

~ the
Contract you will need to download, fill out, sign, and give me at that visit; and

Letters of Recommendation from satisfied clients (click on @ symbol to view each
individual letter
@ single owner of a single and sometimes lonely cat
@ professional couple with two dogs and one geriatric cat
@ busy rural couple with SIX cats
@ Champaign County Humane Society foster care "mom" for dogs

My favorite way to refresh my commitment to animals is to visit
Best Friends Animal
Sanctuary in southern Utah.  This huge volunteer NO KILL organization takes care of
1,800 critters of all kinds.  Their bimonthly magazine is sure to put a smile on your face
(also available online through the link above).  Do yourself a favor and check it out!