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About C-U Pet Sitting Service

                     2022 FEE RATES FOR C-U PET SITTING SERVICE
NOTE: When comparing CUPSS’ rates against those of other pet sitters, remember to check the length of time spent with your pet(s). We all supply food and water, clean litter or scoop poop, bring in mail/newspapers, & water plants. Those chores take 20 minutes:  the average pet sitter’s visit duration.  I then take an extra 25-30 minutes to concentrate my full attention on your best friend(s)’ emotional needs. I “listen” to body language, we pick out favorite toys to play with, or enjoy a brushing or massage session. I supply whatever they need to gain an hour’s solace from missing you — to leave them content and calm. When you return from your trip, your pet(s) will be safe AND happy, having been pampered by someone who loves them.
A gasoline charge of 50 cents per mile from my home to yours will be added to your fee at the time of confirmation. ASK how rate for a combination household (i.e., 1 dog + 2 cats) is lower than just adding the two species’ fees together.
number number *SAVE 10% by BASIC RATES ADD 10% for ADD 25% for
of of finalizing your for bookings bookings made bookings made
pets 45-50 min booking more finalized 2-8 4 to 14 days 3 days or less
by visits than 8 weeks weeks prior prior to your  prior to your
species each day before departure* to departure departure  departure
  I charge no more for 2 cats than for 1 cat, so consider getting your lonely kitty a companion.
PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME to pet sit a cat less frequently than once a day — it’s not safe for them.
1-2 cats 1 $20.70 $23.00 $25.30 $28.75
3-4 cats 1 $25.20 $28.00 $30.80 $35.00
5-6 cats 1 $33.30 $37.00 $40.70 $46.25
7 or more cats Yowzers!  That’s a lot of cats!  We need to talk…
1-2 cats 2 $37.80 $42.00 $46.20 $52.50
3-4 cats 2 $47.70 $53.00 $58.30 $66.25
5-6 cats 2 $64.80 $72.00 $79.20 $90.00
1-2 cats 3 $58.50 $65.00 $71.50 $81.25
3-4 cats 3 $70.20 $78.00 $85.80 $97.50
5-6 cats 3 $94.50 $105.00 $115.50 $131.25

Most dogs need 3 visits per day; 1-2 visits are OK for travel days, lunchtime visits, work late, etc.

  PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME to only visit a dog twice a day. 11 hours is too long to be left alone.












I will be 67 years old in 2022.  It has become increasingly difficult for me to care for dogs. If you only need your dog to be let out mid-day, I can do that. Otherwise I can redirect you to other sitters.


            For the average fresh water aquarium and the following small caged animals:

                     ~ mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and similar small rodents
                     ~ parakeets, finches, and similar small birds (no large parrots)
                     ~ no spiders; will consider iguanas, small lizards, & non-poisonous snakes ONLY
                    IF I am not required to feed them live rodents or other mammals
billed per cage 1 $20.70 $23.00 $25.30 $28.75
billed per cage 2 $25.20 $28.00 $30.80



 * NO DISCOUNTS apply for bookings that include these hectic 2022-2023 “holidate” times:
 March 11-21 (UI Break); May 27-30 (Memorial Day); July 1-5 (4th of July); Sept 1-6 (Labor Day);

     Nov 23 – 28 (Thanksgiving); all end-of-year + new year’s holidays (Dec 21 – Jan 4, 2023)

MY NEXT VACATION DATES:  April 5-10, 2022.


Providing Safe, Experienced Care for Your Pet.

Janus Woods

member of Pet Sitters International

member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

graduate of Red Cross Pet Emergency Care course

serving Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy

(Mahomet and other locations by special arrangement)

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